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Who is glow and make for?


Women who are awakening to realize that anything is possible for your life. What do you daydream about? You CAN create it.


Women who are yearning for *something* in life, even if you don’t know what that something is. You are feeling a pull towards a different way – whether it is in work, home, or solely within you – and it is time to take action.


Women who have started down the untrodden path; have thrown away the map and stepped into the wilderness on your own. It’s an exhilarating and scary place to be on your own – join us!


Women who are living in their truth everyday. You have so much strength – and so much to teach!


Some of the values we hold strongly:

Living life with intention and presence.

Keeping our body healthy through real, whole foods.

Prioritizing space for our own expression (even while we give so much attention to our family!)

Creating, everyday, because we love it! And because it opens our mind and helps us see opportunity.


We are on a journey – one that is bringing us in tune with our body, quieting and uplifting our mind, and nourishing our soul in ways that (will) bring deep happiness. 


Glow + Make’s goal is to nourish us alternative thinkers, makers and doers so we have an incredibly health body and flowing creative mind because health and creativity is the foundation for creating the life we truly want. We live in such an exciting time! It is possible to have any lifestyle we want – we have no barriers except what is in our own mind.

Let’s begin and continue our journey’s together. Join us!

Thank you for visiting! Since you found us out of the millions of websites out there..maybe it’s a sign- you are ready for change, ready for something big. The catalyst you need can come from the most unexpected place. I hope you join us.