Make It Real Group

Make it Real

Get on the life path that you deeply desire

Stop thinking about how you want your life to be…

let’s take action together this month!


There are two major components to creating the life you deeply wish for:

  1. health
  2. creativity

With glowing health and flowing creativity, everything in life is possible. And, you will have the clarity, energy, and constant motivation to go after it.


Part One: Simply Healthy You

Healthy eating can be simple! We’re led to believe that the ‘best’ diet includes exotic superfoods, expensive supplements, and so much time to prepare it all. That doesn’t need to be the case. Really great, healthy, whole food can be found everywhere and within any budget.

A few simple habits will help you feel better in your body and mind without changing who you are. I whole-heartedly believe in living each day with positivity and awareness, which means there’s no room for absolutes and deprivation (i.e. no dieting, calorie counting, or being ‘bad’ when you eat a treat.)

Simply…feel amazing, loose weight, learn how to be healthier. 



  • You’ve been thinking about getting healthier, losing the extra weight, wanting more energy, and so on. But now the thinking STOPS and the actions BEGINS.
  • You CAN lose the weight you want to
  • You CAN wake up each day with energy
  • You CAN have energy all day long, too
  • You CAN be healthier in every way without constant deprivation
  • You CAN start simple habits that greatly improve your well being
  • You CAN make the healthier choice the one you actually want
  • And after our four weeks together…
  • You WILL


PART 2: Daily Creativity

Harnessing your creativity gives you a crazy power of seeing possibilities and solutions everywhere. Daily practice opens your mind, clears the clutter, brings clarity, and sparks your motivation.

We start by exploring our mind with the crazy power of journaling. Writing without judgment or a ‘goal’ will help you find clarity and direction for your life.



  • Start clearing your mind of clutter and confusion
  • Gain clarity for your life
  • Release the stagnating ties to old problems, fears, and beliefs that don’t serve you
  • Practice the amazingly strong powers of forgiveness and gratitude
  • Open your mind to the never-ending possibilities in life




We’ll meet for 4 weeks. Each session will be 1 hour long through Skype. We’ll talk a bit about health and a bit about creativity in each session. There will be time to share if you want and time for your questions. In between sessions, you can email as much as you’d like!


What we’ll cover:

>What is the best diet? How to find yours. The building blocks of health. The most important things you can do for your health.

>“Superfoods” everywhere! And how to prepare them.

>Eating for energy and immunity.

>Intuitive eating. Make healthy eating simple, delicious, and second nature.

>Journaling to release fears and old beliefs that keep you stagnant and in confusion.

>Techniques to gain clarity, find your passions again, and live your truth.

>Begin a creative practice to share your unique voice with the world and explore what is in your subconscious mind


The group is limited to 6 amazing women. I want to keep our group intimate while also benefiting from a variety of experiences and perspectives we each bring.


AND!  This is my inaugural launch of an online group program…that means you get huge extra benefits for joining!

  1. Receive 60% off!!
  2. Join future groups for free, all next year. That’s 4 opportunities to join and continue to grow!
  3. Receive 1 hour of one-to-one coaching with me after the group ($50 value)
  4. AND an initial 30 minute chat to discuss your goals and struggles. I want to make sure to help you as much as possible.


All of this for only $40!

We start November 9 at 8pm (EST)


Get started! There’s so much to gain…

Contact me below to get started. Let me know you are interested and when you are available for a 30 minute chat!

(If you can’t make the start time, let me know. I’m happy to open another group.)


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