I just want to feel better

Have you said this to yourself before?



I’ve been there and it is so difficult when you don’t know the first step to take in feeling whole again.

It’s frustrating when you *know* something is missing, but you don’t now what.

Let’s find that answer together.

Using nutrition and daily creativity we will work together to add the foods your body craves, the practices your mind craves, and the life your soul craves. 


Our work is powerful.

Are you ready for it?!



If you are coasting through your days, thinking about ‘one day’ when things are better, know…I have been there too. Totally blank about what step to take next, even though I knew something had to change. I was unhappy and becoming physically sick, but I still couldn’t focus on one goal. Now, looking back, I see that I did know all along what I truly wanted, but it took guidance, confidence, and pure clarity to follow the path I wanted.

I want to help you find the same clarity. Life is so amazing when you’re clearly living your dream lifestyle or on the path towards it. 

Confusion, stress, anxiety, and lack of clarity, health, or energy are major blocks to living your life to the fullest. Together we will break through these blocks holding you back from living your dreams. I truly believe anything in life is possible when we nourish our body, mind, and soul. And you now what? It’s actually not that hard!

Creative expression + whole foods is a powerful combination for an amazingly fulfilled and happy life.

Through nutrition, mindful practices (meditation, yoga, writing, etc.), and soulful pursuits (self-expression, art, your own passions, etc.) you will uncover the ‘you’ that you truly want to bring to the world.

There is no point in wishing, for even one more minute, that you could feel or be different because you are already everything you dream of…we just have to uncover it.

Let’s get started! I invite you to try the power of 1-to-1 coaching with a free 30 minute call. No pressure, just us connecting and getting you on your desired path. Contact me to get started!


Coaching options:

Make it Real. Take your daydreams into reality.

3 months of one-to-one coaching to get you healthy in your body, clear in your mind, and able to find what your soul wants. Become healthier and get on your true life path.


  • 90 minute introductory call (via Skype)
  • 1 hour call every week
  • Diet and lifestyle assessment with tips and plan that you will start now
  • Personal worksheets, meal plans, grocery shopping list, and more
  • Unlimited email support, everyday
  • Special gifts in the mail!
  • Constant guidance and support- if you need me in between sessions, I’m there for you!

Most importantly, that life you dream about can happen much sooner than you think. Working together will catapult your daydreams into reality.

Ready to get started?! Contact me to ask a question or to book your free 30 minute call to get to know each other!