Hello! I’m so glad you’ve made it here…

We are creative beings. We are meant to add our vision and creations to the world, but so many of us forget this during the multitude of tasks and busyness that fill our days. We’ve been taught that ‘creativity’ is reserved for free-spirited artists or kids, or stored away for use during occasional free time or holiday crafting. But daily creating is a vital component to a fulfilled soul and happy life.

As a certified Holistic Health Coach since 2013, I realized that feeling happy, healthy, and energetic every day requires more than whole foods and exercise. Creative self-expression is the missing link in many women’s ‘healthy lifestyle’, and I wish to encourage your creative spark with inspiring blog posts, tutorials, coaching, or by creating a great event for your friends, party, or business.

Everyone is creative. We are all artists in some way – maybe you express your art through painting or writing, or maybe it is through cooking, knitting, event planning, decorating, gardening, homeschooling, photography, running a business or a creative family… There are so many ways to be creative, but my hope is that you will devote time to practicing your creativity because a creative mind knows everything in life is possible and sees opportunity everywhere. Opportunity for adventure, learning, fun, growth…it’s all around us.

My biggest hope is that Glow + Make inspires your journey, both with healthy living and creativity. Email me any time! I’d love to hear from you.

A little more about me: I love mostly plant-based, gluten-free food. Art and nature are my soul’s nourishment. My heart flutters for picking veggies straight from the ground. My daughter is the love of my life. And, when I’m not coaching or running G+M, I’m exploring with my toddler or we’re in the park painting.